Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Shift

My, we're eager for summer. There's no respect for spring. Everyone's talking about summer this and summer that. And poor spring, first pummeled by a winter that overstayed its welcome, and now shuffled off the scene by all of us insisting on a new season. A hot, flowery, sunny, bright, summery season.

Sorry, spring. The watermelons and cucumbers are sending up tendrils, the pool is open, and school is practically out. Spring, you have until Friday, and then your time is really up. We'll see you next year. And thanks for the rain.

A bit early, Maria is wearing a new summer dress. I based it on the first summer dress I made for her, and goodness! that was some time ago! I left off the cap sleeves on this version, though the shoulders are well covered. The sides are generously cut, with deep slits, so she can run more freely. I finished the collar by hand, with an embroidery floss blanket stitch. I am so tempted to make one two more! The second one is always easier, and I have some other pretty prints that would be fun to see running around in the sun.

We barely made it to school today. Neither of us sees much point in going in, actually. Even in school, there is a lax and fuzzy attitude, and it seems like there are more parties and favors than studies. We were happy here, this morning, enjoying our own party... playing with Mister Foo, enjoying our chai, laughing at the goats, and discussing our summer plans! We're so close!


Miriam said...

As a former teacher I remember well how painful those last days of the school year are for everybody! And how wonderful it felt to finally be free, with the entire summer stretching out before you. Bliss!

Rachy said...

What a beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl :) x

Janece said...

That dress is adorable! You did a beautiful job! And of course, Maria is the perfect model for it!