Sunday, June 16, 2013


I greatly admire the men who love children, their children, or the children they've chosen to care for, mentor, spend time with, look out for. They have time, and skills, compassion, interests, and ideas, and when they lend those gifts and qualities to the young people in their lives, they can make a world of difference... a good difference. I have been fortunate to know such men, to be in their circle of care, to be loved... its significance carries a profound awe for me.

And one of the very best blessings of my life has been sharing parenting with Geoff, watching him be a father, a mentor, a friend, a loving and caring man. There are a lot of things I can say about "ideal fathers," but there are some essential things that are significantly meaningful to me about a good father... he sticks around, he keeps trying, he can put his children's needs ahead of his own and often does, he stays engaged, and wants to be with his children. Sometimes this can even happen from afar, and you know where you can turn when you need support, guidance. Mistakes happen, poor choices are made, hard choices, too, but when you see a man stick around, want to make amends, dedicated to getting it right, and really caring about who you are, where you want to go, and loving you... that's good fathering.

I am only scratching the surface, of something deeply personal. But I don't want it left unsaid: Geoff, I love watching you be a father. And I love that through this experience I have been able to see, recognize, and appreciate all the men I know, have known, who have shared time, skills, compassion, interests and ideas with children, with me. You all are making a very good difference.


  1. Beautifully said. My own father decided to make parenting a priority later in his children's lives (early on he worked like the dickens, to make sure we had the gift of growing up in a financially stable home, unlike his own childhood). Somehow that makes it even more precious. My brother, on the other hand, has been an incredibly devoted and participatory parent to his two daughters from the days they were born. He changed every diaper, packed most of their school lunches, and fills their lives with love and play and fun. I have such admiration for how he has decided to father.

    Aren't we lucky to know such men?

  2. It's a lovely post, Natalie. Geoff would have to be special. I'm so glad he is. Axxx

  3. Wonderful, heartfelt words, Natalie. I love the photo, too.

  4. I love watching you from afar be a father too Geoff!

  5. I mean that...your family is so much fun to watch as you try new and interesting things...Happy Father's day!

  6. Thanks for all the kind words! Natalie's post, and the comments too. Being a shy person, I'm at a bit of a loss for words... So I'll just say thanks, again.


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