Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Morning

It sure was fun to introduce our latest farm project to the family. It's been such a long time coming, and is now such a marvelous convenience, giving us more time, and peace of mind... and one more thing: hours of amusement! We love to sit in the open air barn, our chicken-rabbit-goat run, and observe all the daily interactions and activities. It's fun to bring them fresh scraps from the kitchen, and greens from the yard. It's fun watching them take apart a pumpkin, peck at raisins, dig up a pot of damp soil.

And they seem to like watching, too. Tucked in a corner of the chicken's coop-cottage, Penny was busy on her nest, but she watched all the action... Mister Foo's visit, and the bunnies hopping around.

No one's home. Good time for an explore!

He's such a silly kitten. We say, he's half Ninja, sneaking and sly, but then a bunny or hen walks up behind him and he leaps out of his polka dots from the shock and surprise!

There is still one last pumpkin, sitting on a stump in the garden. And now our new pumpkins are spreading out in the garden, green vines and big leaves. This pumpkin fell, and split. I was surprised to discover the goats liked it even more than the chickens.

They couldn't even be bothered to smile for the camera!

The rabbits were not a bit interested in the pumpkin. They could not be happier with their new found freedom. They come, and go. They explore, and rest. Malcolm comes to me when I sit on the old wood box. We pet him, and pluck the clumps of his soft winter coat... he doesn't need that now! Then, off he trots to find new things to sniff, and scratch at. Inara, too, is a happy free-ranging bunny. I wonder if they'll ever live in the hutch again.

Everyone seems to have settled in quite nicely.

Good morning!


Rachy said...

What a lovely animal family you have and beautifully photographed xxxx

judy in ky said...

I love your little farm! So much good company from the critters. You have made a wonderful place for them.

Janece said...

I love everything about this post! Every last jot, tittle, photo and adorable animals within... :)