Monday, July 30, 2007

Like a Headless Chicken...

If I owe you a letter, a phone call, a bottle of wine or a cup of sugar, please accept my apologies. I am running around in circles, going nowhere, falling behind and losing orbit. And it's only Monday.

The children are well. They are happy, healthy, occupied, helpful, kind, inventive and fun to be with. Geoff is wonderful. The cats are content. I am going to focus on these blessings, and replace the dead washer, eradicate ants, pay the bills, write a letter of recommendation,
sit on Alex until he produces thank you cards,
reserve a rental car,
find schools,
enroll Maria in more dance classes + get her larger dance shoes,
let William drive more,
remember Max has a piano lesson on Wednesday,
decide about this Oregon road trip I am debating,
make something beautiful for the fundraiser auction (due in one week)
answer questions posed by my book writing friend,
send photos to Kelly,
deliver photos to B,
try to be 2 places at once on Saturday,
devise a wonderful birthday celebration for Max, who turns 9 this week.

Oh my.


  1. Oh my goodness you do have a lot on your to-do list! You can do it! A few quick breaks in between check-marks are always a great thing. :-)

  2. You are one very busy chickie! My head spins just reading your to-do list--LOL! Think...SERENITY NOW! (remember the Seinfeld episode?!). Pin a rose to your blouse...when things start to overwhelm, take a moment and smell that rose...serenity now! You are an amazing person, an amazing mom...all will be done, and done well! ((HUGS))

  3. Whew! You are one busy girl. At least you have a list!

  4. Busy as a bee...I mean as a chicken with his head cut off! Boy your plate is full, just take it one bite at a time!



  5. Natalie...

    It is me again...Your beautiful blog inspires me and others in so many ways... I am nominating you for the "Blogger Reflection Award"...Congratulation!


  6. Hey dear one - bump that questionnaire to the bottom of your list. No rush and no pressure. Okay? :)

    Everything one thing and one day at a time... it'll all come together and work out beautifully.

    You are marvelous!

  7. Yikes! Sending you stress-free vibes. What happened to that chicken to cause such carnage?!

    Have you ever visited Full Circle? She has some neat party ideas (not that you need any bloggy distraction right now!!)

    Good luck, Natalie - and happy birthday, Max!

  8. wow! You are super busy! It is raining here and I am playing with paper doll party hats, again! I am just loving the thought of Maria and her back pack filled with wonderful stuff! She is a hoot! Y'all are having a fun summer- aren't you?!!!! I used my Big Bag to pack my clothes in for the trip up to see Troy- he said it was cool! Hahaha! Anyway- I hope you have a great week! xxxooo kim

  9. Well I am just feeling very connected to you right now -- I feel the pain of your to-do list AND know precisely the joy of that special, foreign package in the mailbox that comes only from having blogging friends. Your list makes me think of that line, "if you need something done, ask a busy person!" I hope the non-essentials fall off, the essentials get done, and the fun gets had!

  10. I too feel like a headless chicken. Er, you see, they just made me the editor at work. I feel a lot of pressure/stress and I have lots of other things I need/want to do too. In other words, I understand how you are feeling. :) Happy Birthday Max!!!


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