Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've Been Thinking

Really. I've been thinking and reflecting, and pondering and contemplating too. You see, I've won a "Thinking Blogger Award," thanks to a thoughtful friend in Norway, and the honor and responsibility of this award has me on a "deep thought" course. Remember my disclaimer: I am like a hen... scratching the surface and looking for good bits. I worry that if I post the award badge people will come around and see what I'm up to and ask, "What is she thinking?"

Well, after some consideration, deep thoughts and other musings, I have decide to play along. The Thinking Blogger Award is a meme or something that I add to, by nominating 5 more thinkers. This is an interesting yet delicate proposal, since I don't want to irritate, ruffle, offend, neglect, abuse or disenchant anyone. I read many blogs, for many reasons, and I find that there is little in the world that does not make me think. These 5 blogs make me think and are among many more that make me happy to think:

Mom, What's For Dinner?
Anne and I are friends and we've shared a lot of dinners together, some beautiful and attended by our wonderful circle of friends, and other dinners that were just spontaneous and delicious, a joy for their simplicity. Anne is one of those important people that raises my consciousness about what I am eating, while maintaining a humorous, forgiving perspective when contemplating the challenges of feeding children and other residents. Local or organic? Local and organic. Leftovers, yes, no, maybe? We have to make these decisions everyday, and it's something to think about. Go ask her what's for dinner... or tell her what you're cooking...

When I think about being a woman, a mom, a wife, a person evolving and learning, seeking answers, finding acceptance, I think of No Ordinary Moment. Our daughters are about the same age, so it's been wonderful to share our thoughts and happy snapshots of Amira and Maria growing, playing and watching us, their mommies. I think we have both realized the significance of being mothers and role models to our own girls. Our daughters are watching us. What are we showing them? And what are we doing for ourselves? Life is a journey and I am happy to have my friend Janece to share it with. I think we'll get together someday and find that we are sisters.

Think of leaving the big city and heading out to the country? I do. Think of cooking, making things, and celebrating any silly thing? I do. And when I want to think of country life and gratitude, and reflect on happy places, vistas and making a home, I think of New Rustic. I love the thoughts and beliefs they followed to make Butterfly Hollow more than a plan for tomorrow, but a reality for today. They are discovering and exploring and sharing the journey. I think it's a treat to visit Butterfly Hollow.

You may have noticed that I link to a lot of sewing and craft blogs. It has been a huge pleasure to discover so many extremely talented women. They are generous and inspiring. All my life I have enjoyed the idea of making things, beautiful, vintage, useful or not and always by hand. Now I am finding dozens of other women, like me, that want to create, make, build, glue, stitch, and share, and it's wonderful. I am learning new skills, meeting new people, finding more resources... This is tough... can you tell I am stalling? How can I choose 1 sewing-sister-kindred spirit, when I have enjoyed the blogs of so many? See my links? I like them all. That's why they are there.

Quilt Otaku makes me think and Marisa makes me try new things, like her "Garden Windows" cathedral quilt. I am still working on mine. It's a challenging pattern, for me. I credit her with inspiring me to be more daring, more disciplined in my quilting. So, when it comes to thinking about quilting, thinking about new patterns, methods, techniques and thinking about trying something that challenges me, I think of "Quilt Otaku."

One last nomination: Grammarphobia. How's my grammar? Not so good, I'm afraid. OKay. I'm pressed for time and I have no editors here, so I imagine Chickenblog is generously sprinkled with errors. I do like to learn, and very recently I have discovered this Q and A blog for grammar. I like it. It seems to emphasize writing for the internet, including email tips. I plan to read all of the "Grammar Myths" and think about making my writing more gooder. Just kidding. Well, it will get gooder, but I'll write more better.


tea time and roses said...


A big Congratulations on your win! You deserve it! As a brand new blogger yours was one of the first blogs I would visit daily.. Your thoughtfulness, love for family and life was very evident... Through your blog I have gone places, reflected on your thoughts and have experienced beauty through your eyes and through the eyes of your camera... You were one of the first to leave the comment I so very much needed that gave me the courage to blog on!

Natalie not only are you a Thinker you are Thoughtful, and I thank you..



Mary said...

I'm just thrilled to be nominated by you, Natalie. Thank you and congratulations on your well-earned award as well. Sometimes when I read your wonderful blog I can't believe what I'm reading and seeing - it's just too good and I can't believe I this lucky to stumble upon it. You really ought to have a book published!! I agree wholeheartedly with Beverly - you also deserve a thoughtful blogger award. Your encouragement has meant so much. And your devotion to your beautiful children is always an inspiration to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From your biggest Canadian fan,

Tarie said...

Woohoo! Mom, What's for Dinner and Grammarphobia sound great. I'll check those sites out as soon as I can. :)

Marisa said...

Glad that I make you think Natalie...and thanks for reading my blog, it's an honor. I love your work as well, so keep on bloggin! I read your blog all the time and really enjoy all of it. Thanks for making me a thinking blogger...I'm working on my post about that asap!