Saturday, August 04, 2007

Please, Share This Post

You may recall that I have been working on a craft project to donate to a fundraiser. Believe it or not I was flustered and confused about what to make and I questioned whether it was good enough. I even wondered if I really needed to bother... if maybe I could just sign a check. In other words I was too bogged down in my own insecurities and laziness to really appreciate what was at the heart of this project: "Krystal is a single mother, with no medical insurance and fighting breast cancer."

I made an apron, with inspiration from Calamity Kim's generous and gorgeous aprons and a really awesome tutorial at "lululollylegs." The idea is to collect lots of handmade donations to auction at a charity event and the money raised will help Krystal.

Tracy has been keeping us updated on the fundraising details and sharing her usual optimism and cheer, which is so sweet and encouraging. And today she shared something that really shook me up and made me want to help. Not just participate, but actually make a difference.

Here is how I am going to help:
Read this article Now. It is a personal story and the woman telling her story has information we need to know about breast cancer. She has a long battle ahead of her and it won't be an easy one. I plan to follow along and offer her prayers and encouragement, through her blog "Toddler Planet." Knowledge is power, and if you only read one more thing today, please let it be This One and then pass it on, so we can help make a difference. Thank you.

Max is 9!

Max's birthday is in full swing. We like to spread out our fun, remember. So, first there was movie night, seeing "Transformers," which was well received and especially enjoyed by the birthday boy. On his actual birthday Max gathered the packages that have been accumulating and he happily dove-in. Present time!

All the way from Hawaii came his favorite meal: Ramen Noodles. Wisely, they were sent uncooked (we joked about this for quite some time lol.) He also received CDs of opera selections and piano music, because Max loves music and playing piano. And to satisfy his other interest, he got a fresh pack of origami paper.

From Wisconsin, Grandma Nancy, always in tune and on the ball, sent Transformer action figures! A huge hit, especially post movie, when the boys are still talking about the highlights, special effects and story line.

What else does Max love? Max loves, loves frogs. And from way far north came two froggy puppets with action tongues and cute-cute faces. Awesome! Max spent the entire day going between all of his presents and saying to himself, "This is the best birthday ever.

Today we will meet his friend Tristan at the park and we'll eat some cupcakes and play on the big climbing wall and push Maria in the swing... maybe push Geoff in a wheel-chair... he tore something in his knee and it hurts mucho, mucho... he just called me to the bedroom and asked me to go buy him some crutches. Oh dear.

OKay. Supposedly I leave at 0'dark-hundred tomorrow and drive for 20 hours, camping along the way, to get to my Mommy's house. I have not packed, or prepared. Time to look busy.


Tracy said...

Your apron is wonderful, Natalie! This will be a great addition to the auction! And thank you for writing about it here. Thank you too, for passing along the link from Toddler Planet! When I read this I was really shaken up--for I was not even aware of this type of breast cancer! Knowledge is indeed power! Happy B-Day to Max! Love seeing your family photos! Hope you all have wonderful week--safe & happy travels! ((HUGS))

Evelyn Lum said...

Dear Natalie,
I just found your blog.
Your Max is such nice looking kid. Do send him my belated? birthday wishes as well. He must have been such a good kid to receive so many birthday presents. Congratulations!!

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, I love that apron. Looks like something so warm and familiar in my mom's kitchen.

tea time and roses said...

Hey Natalie...

Your apron is just lovely...I love the color choice you made...very pretty. I have read the info on Breast Cancer on Toddler Planet. I had absolutely no Idea of this type of breast cancer.

Look like Max really enjoyed his Birthday! I see all the big happy smiles...

Have a lovely day


Tarie said...

Krystal's story humbles me. Scares me too. My family has a history of breast cancer. :( ...Is Geoff okay? O_O ...I wish Max could dive into all the different ramen flavors here!