Thursday, August 02, 2007

All Caught Up (insert audio clip of me laughing)

Well, at least my softie has her head on straight!
Lord, why do I divert myself with silly, messy projects, just when my life is in reality overdrive?
Yes, I actually dreamed-up a chicken to love and to hold. All she needs is a name.

I also washed 3 more loads of clothes, playing a risky game of Domestic Roulette with our flaky, washer. It was on the fourth, and most critical load, that I lost. Now I have a washer full of dirty, soapy water, panties, bras, blouses and dresses. Crap. Oh, gee.

In other news, I have finally made firm plans to go see my Mommy and Ron, and blackberries and sand dunes. It's a drive that has me somewhat anxious, and wondering: Lord, why do I divert myself with silly, messy projects, just when my life is in reality overdrive? This time I know the answer: I really want to see my Mommy and her Mommy, so this weekend I will load our wagon, again, and the children and I will embark on one more summer camping excursion.

We are piecing together fun things in honor of Max's birthday. For instance; the boys went to see "Transformers" last night. That was a big hit with all of them. Listening to them discuss movies, books, games and art is always engaging. They have interesting, critical views and an educated interest in the process of film making, game development, writing and art. Very nice. Tomorrow night we will take Max to dinner at the restaurant of his choice. He wants to invite 5 friends. This is logistically tricky and I am in fierce negotiations even as I write this post.

Somehow, finally, the ants are gone. I really shouldn't state the fact, or because of the laws of superstition and coincidence, 14,000,000 ants will return to feast on a single droplet of yogurt. All summer it's been like "The Naked Jungle" around here.

William has done some more driving, and I think that is going well. I did pay bills and get Max to his piano class. Alex, if you are reading this, go finish those thank you cards! Gotta rent a car for our Wisconsin trip. Maria will have to start dance classes in September. Thanks to aunt Carol, I have checked the latest China-Poison recall list, and I am happy to report we are lead-free. I finished something for the Breast Cancer Benefit for Krystal. I'll share some pics later... I think it's decent enough to contribute.

Sure I accomplished a lot, like making a doll quilt for our good friends James and Deanne, and I have done some cooking and cleaning too. I could even cross things off my list, but I don't dare start another list, because it would be just as long or longer than the last list.

You know what was wonderful? There were 10 encouraging, uplifting, affirming, happy comments on the last post. It helped. It really helped. Sometimes Most times, I go it alone and don't seek support from my friends, and I want to thank all of you that left me a comment, or more thoughtful messages in my email. Thank you. You cheered and bolstered me. Once again I am amazed about this new frontier, the blogosphere. There are a lot of kind and good people in the world, and my own little corner of the world is better for knowing all of you.

Maybe list making isn't so bad. Stuff has to get done, and it does feel good seeing some of those things get done. Alright, another list, because it's responsible and prudent:

1. Buy a washing machine
2. Clean Everything

There. That should do it.


Tarie said...

I liked Transformers so much that I watched it twice, and I wouldn't mind watching it again. :) Again, Happy Birthday, Max! I hope you guys have lots of fun and quality time with loved ones during your family trip. :)

tea time and roses said...


You and the family have loads of fun... Enjoy Enjoy. Happy Birthday Max!



kimberly sherrod said...

sorry bout the washer. That sucks. The chicken, however is delightful! I rock. you rock. I don't know if you have already been nominated for this silly award or not. But, there it is. You rock. as a mom. as a crafter. as a blogger.

Tracy said...

What a busy bee you're been, so much happening! The chicken is wonderful--he should stand as your household god! LOL! The quilt is fantastic! Oh, regarding Krystal's auction...If you get a chance during the weekend, please stop by my blog, as I have some news about the auction, there's going to be some changes and we have to act fast! Oh, your weekend sounds such fun! Have a wonderful time with your family! Hope the washing suitation works out soon, too! ((HUGS))

Sabine said...

I thought for one second there was a real (but a bit weird) chicken in your shrubs!
Very cute!
And now I am leaving my very messy house and we're going to the seaside for 5 days!
Have a fun weekend!

nikkipolani said...

First name the popped into my head (for your chicken) was Clothilde :-)

I love that you are engaged in your kids' conversations. Have a funfilled weekend!