Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flying High

This link will take you in the way-back machine to the day, last summer, when Calamity Kim sent us chicken aprons and so much more. Go back in time and acquaint yourself with Kim's talents and generosity, and then come back here, because she's up to something again and I cannot wait to share it!

So, if you followed the link, then you've seen those beautiful aprons, so full of handmade love and whimsy. Hanging beside me is the cupcake pennant. I can see the yellow felt cut-out chicken... it sits on my lamp. Kim's gifts are as fresh and appreciated as ever. We still marvel at her kindness and generous nature. Just 2 weeks ago Maria was wearing her apron in a lovely little antique and vintage shop, and she had all the women there in giddy bliss with Kim's apron and that delightful egg pocket. I credit Kim with bringing Chickenblog out of the shadows and in to the sunlight; she is a very generous promoter of other people's blogs.

And the fun continues. Calamity Kim has joined our chicky celebration, our rebellious outlaw act of bringing home chicks. I love that she wants to share in the fun of raising chicks, and hopefully we are not headed for a calamity of our own! Seriously, I keep thinking of a quote someone shared with me a long time ago: Where chickens are outlawed, outlaws will have chickens! Kim has fashioned a new apron for Maria to wear while feeding her chicks. And if we are outlaws, at least we will look good, thanks to Kim! You can expect to see lots of pictures when the apron arrives.

By now you may have noticed we are having a lot of fun with our cameras and movie making. I have never shared my other obsession, which is making iMovie DVDs. Geoff made it possible for us to share short movies on the blog. For those of you not able to run Quick Time movies I apologize, and Geoff wants to assure everyone that he is working on getting software installed that will make the movies postable and accessible to more readers. Yes, we want everyone to share in the unbridled pleasure of seeing our chicas take flight and run in slow-motion! Speaking of which...

In real time Amelia's bungled take-off looked mild and much like any of her other bungled take-offs. Rest assured no chicks were harmed in this documentary.


  1. Oooo, if you're coming to the concert on Sunday, bring your regular camera and record us singing song #5 -La Mort d'Ophelie, perfect song for chicks flying around. (Sad for Ophelia.) Also song #9 Double Trouble, I can picture Maria dancing in a witch costume for Halloween. Love your movies!

  2. I have spent the last several minutes catching up on all I missed when I was on vacation and with out a computer. I absolutly love Lola's garden. What a wonderful way to remmeber. Amelia reminds be of my Edie Bardrockell, who lived in the bunny pen hence the new bunnyhemians as a back up . (I won't mention she, turned out to be a he. You needen't go there.) As it has turned out your hens in the making have been lots of therapy haven't they? See what a good idea they turned out to be. You will find the domicile of your needs. I have all the confidence you will be taken care of and sheltered as you continue to search. I did fight the urge to lay a small hex on your landlord. It's a good thing I don't really belive in those sorts of things :)
    Keep your chin up and remember there are many many folks who have you in thier prayers :)

  3. OMG, that video is so funny. The slo-mo effect and music really makes it top-notch!

    I want chickens even more!!! I'll have to settle for the 4 baby robins growing, and begging for worms, out front.

  4. I'm afraid to watch the video - I'm missing my chickens. We lived in the city limits, had six. They bugged some of the neighbors and we found them fantastic new homes before the city found out. And then we moved. To the county. And we have no chickens. We live in the country, and we have no chickens! Something is wrong here. Next spring we will rectify that.

    I love the aprons from Kim. That girl is seriously talented. And now she's got chicks too???!!! Oh wait... she's got your chicks via your blog. Dang it. I was so hoping she had a little Dexterlina running around her yard.

  5. That was a wonderful film - just think, last week they were just tiny balls of fluff, now they're flying! They grow up so fast. xxx

  6. and not only is pip the prettiest, she is clearly the smartest.

  7. I will carry the images of these feisty little chicas in my mind all day today as I deal with the mountain of work at work -- sometimes I'll be able to aim, and soar right where I want to go, and sometimes I'll get a little turned around and then I'll bonk myself on the head, but I'll keep going just the same! Delightful stuff!

  8. I'm amazed at how quickly they have grown up. They look like real birds now, instead of Easter decorations!

  9. Natalie, I think that was one of the very first posts I read when I visited your blog via some long forgotten link.


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