Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Help! I've Been Tagged!

I like and respect Julie so I am going to do my level best to finish this mini survey. The whole truth is I like questionnaires and surveys and filling out forms. That is just a quirky bit of truth about me. Give me a good pen and a quiet corner and I will get into a meditative trance filling in bubbles, answering tough questions and recalling addresses of yore. It's fun that she asked me to play along. These are the categories I am asked to respond to, and then I am supposed to ask 6 more friends to play along. Do you like these blog games? Would you like to play with us? Please do.

What was I doing ten years ago-1998?
First, I would like to thank Julie for posting the year, because for a moment I was anxious, thinking, "What's 'ten years ago?'" Good grief.
10 years ago Geoff got a sabbatical from work and we were in Hawaii for 4 weeks. Sweet, huh? I was 7 months, then 8 months pregnant with Max. People were looking at me like I might burst forth a baby on the spot, especially on the plane ride home! We celebrated Alex's 4th birthday there, and spent every day looking for land we could share with Mom and Corm, a place to build our dream homes. I gotta get a scanner... these are all pre-digital memories! I remember mangoes were in season, and I was having one for breakfast every morning... such luxury!

5 6 things on my to-do list for today:
1. Avoidance
2. Procrastination
3. Read another BIONICLE comic
4. Mail a check to Aunt Becky
5. Plan Alex's 14th birthday celebration
6. Work on a chicken coop

Things that I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Reduce my wealth by half by contributing heavily to charity.
2. Reduce the remainder by half by contributing heavily to family and friends.
3. Reduce the remainder by half by setting my husband up in his own business.
4. Buy a house. Make it a home. Play, play, bake and quilt and read, take pictures, post to my blog, feed chickens, nurture children, flirt with my husband, garden, and thank God for blessings... just like always.
5. Give it all to my husband, who knows better how to manage money.

Places I have lived:
Los Angeles, California
Ramona, California
Esquintla, Guatemala
Richfield, Minnesota
and some 20 other places...

Snacks I like
I'm glad there isn't a cap on this category, although I should put a cap on my consumption. Just saying.
1. Popcorn. Definitely popcorn. Light oil, stove popped. No butter. A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and a dash of Lawry's season salt.
2. Celery and hummus. Mmmmyummy

6( I have to aim higher, because most people clam-up) Lots of people I want to know more about:
Ruth M
Delia L
Helen VV
Nancy VV
Holly VV
Anne L
Cyrus K
Karen S
Cristina T
Marica V
Alison G
Gretchen KG
Hans G
Bill G
Pam L
Dallas S
Jennifer W
Susana M
and You

Our outdoor table is getting primed and painted, and fitted with some additional boards. My mind overflows with bright ideas that, while lacking in engineering integrity, are sometimes really quite clever. Like turning an old and cheap table in to a compact and mobile chicken coop. The modifications are coming along. We really must pick up the pace though, because the chicas are no longer little palm puffs, tiny and shy. The chicas are springing from their cage, sprouting flight feathers and pert tail feathers. They have become taller, gangly explorers that want to spread out, scratch the earth and spread their wings. Geoff has agreed to help me with some more technical aspects of my endeavor. He wants to protect our investment!


Julie said...

Like you had any trouble coming up with answers. Geez, you put the rest of us to shame!!!! Good job procrastinating.

Do we have two sets of boys with really close birthdays? Colin turned 14 in late May and Brennan turns 10 in mid-July.

Dallas said...

Cool, I will have to give this a try later this week.

Oiyi said...

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks!

nikkipolani said...

I love your answers to the tag, Natalie! And I have that same weird quirk of liking filling in forms. Perhaps that's why I did well in school - I kind of liked tests.

village mama said...

I promised myself I will not respond to memes anymore, but when adorable you asks I'm oh-SO torn...how about you email me with a bunch of questions and I will answer you. For your eyes only. XO