Thursday, June 05, 2008

So, I've Been Wondering...

Being that someone forgot to load the dishwasher and there is laundry that needs folding, I thought I would ask some questions. Then post some pictures, then formulate some deep thoughts and other musings, proofread, tweak and adjust, and generally dabble in the blog. After that I hope to accomplish all sorts of good things, including sending birthday cards to my brothers, going on a 42 mile fitness walk, getting may hair cut and styled, and finding someone that can potty train chickens. All in a days work. Uh. You do know when I am lying, right?

Now, about those questions... and really, you don't have to answer them, but if you have ideas that you must share, then please do share them... there are some things that have been running around my head and I haven't been able to resolve them on my own. I am never too proud to seek help... must come from practice!

1. Should I alphabetize my sidebar list of links? Or, I could put them in alphabetized categories. You may have noticed they are a random jumble, which might seem unorganized. Actually they are organized for me, and it's my mind that is jumbled and sees them as organized. Never mind. I just wonder if alphabetizing them is necessary or would be appreciated. It's very unlikely I will get around to doing anything about this. Did I mention there are dirty dishes in the kitchen? Lots of them.

2. Should I reply to comments in the comments section? I know, I've visited this theme before, but I never seem to resolve it in a satisfactory manner. Some bloggers are positively amazing about answering all of their emails and responding to comments... I am thinking of "Nikkipolani" and "Pink Purl" and "Lemon Tree Tales, for example.

I read all of the comments and I love them, and I am not sure they always require a response from me. So many comments have a "no reply" email and I cannot write back. If I respond to comments in the comments section, will you know to look there? It seems to work for "Nikkipolani" and "Oh My Stinkin' Heck." I know I will never have my act sufficiently together to answer every remark, but neither do I want to seem uncaring and indifferent. I love your comments. Love them!

3. Not sure there actually is a 3rd question.

4. Running out of steam here.

5. Probably should be doing other things.

6. Should Max have peanut butter and jelly for breakfast? Too late. I already took care of that one!

Maria is slicing and serving apple pie. Later, when I asked her to clean up her picnic, she rolled the whole lot in the table cloth and said proudly, "All done." Oh, dear, where does this come from? No, don't answer that. That was rhetorical.

More pie?

No chick flicks today. You should run over and see what Kim's done with Betty's picture! I think Kim and I should go in to business together and make a whole book of chicken dolls.

Now, if you are wondering about the tadpoles, I do have an update there: They are frogpoles! Half tadpole and half frog! And they are getting really hard to photograph, because they have become fast and camera shy. Otherwise, I am happy to report that the whole tadpole experiment is going swimmingly!


Anna Banana said...

I am half way through my great pile of crap and treasures. Tossing crap reveals treasures. God grant me the wisdom to know the difference! Sorry I cannot be helpful. I prefer emails to comments about comments, but that's just me.

susan said...

how DO you potty train a chicken and why would you? just let them run around and wipe up the poop after them!
i say, eh, if your blog list works for you as is, dont change it
i try to reply to comments by emailing and do one general comment to all that have commented so far. sometimes if its not too personal, i copy and paste the email into a comment
its fun finding so many blogging homeschooling moms that quilt!

Missy said...

Love, love, love the frogpoles! Brings back wonderful memories of going pollywogging with my baby brother. far as replies to commments. I admit, as a blogger, I am the worst for that. If there is a question I will reply by email or on that persons blog if email isn't available. I don't expect a reply as a commenter from the blogger, especially if I'm just making an observation of well wish.

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, you don't have to change a thing. Seeing Maria play with her picnic reminds me of an idea I've been simmering on the back burner. Just requires a bit of time. Y'know TIME! Hugs.

Jennifer said...

1. Mine are alpha cause I'm just that way, but I think the jumble mix is cool.
2. Oh, I've pondered this question SO many times -- I generally don't manage to comment back in the comments, and I do my best to reply to people who do comment, and I am always a little sad and frustrated by the people who leave comments and yet no trace of themselves so that the conversation can't be continued.
3. But there could be....