Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Descendants of Dinosaurs

There are, of course, many alternate titles for any given post, but I had to use this one sooner or later. When we see them run, that ungainly, pedaling motion... when we see their falcon-eyed stare, watch them stalk a fly... we laugh and say it: Descendants of Dinosaurs!

We are still calling her Amelia, and it seems to suit her. I suppose, like most pets, she will acquire nicknames. Her salt on pepper speckles are appearing. She looks more and more like a Plymouth every day. She looks more like our Luna, our little moon bottomed chick of years ago.

Why do I love these funny faces? The stern profile, the flighty demeanor? They are messy. Oh so messy, with no regard for dedicating 1 corner to bodily functions. They scratch their floor in a constant quest for something, anything to peck at. Peck-peck. Peck-peck. Peck, peck, peck, peck, peck.

Pip. Pippi Longstocking. And she is peck-peck pecking, which is all she does, when she isn't trekking off in search of new places. She is the adventurer, the intrepid exploradora. Is this the nature of Ameraucanas? One guide calls her personality "fun." Yes. Yes, Pippi is fun. Messy and fun. Messy and brave. Messy and cute. And messy too.

Pretty Pip. Her feathers are still downy, still silky and light. It will be interesting to see what patterns emerge, and what color her eggs will be. Blue? Green?

Can you distinguish Pip's sunward beak? It's behind Betty. Pip and Betty are sunbathing. We haven't talked about the hole in the ozone. It's so hard to break bad news. Amelia stretches out too. For a moment they look as though they haven't a care in the world... until a mockingbird flies over, squawking an alarming song, then the chicas leap to their feet, flapping wings, 3 little bodies pedaling in concentric circles.

They travel together, and whichever is disoriented or separated from the flock will make a pitiful PeeP. Then they pause and look about and reunite as hastily as possible. Here is Lady Betty Orpington, the the Buff Orpington. Her feathers are getting so funny, so silly and ruffled looking. It's the fault of all the new feathers that keep sprouting. I read and hear so many sweet things about Orpingtons, about how funny they look and how friendly they are.

Her head will stay small. Her body will grow bigger and rounder, and all those new feathers will keep coming until she is a big puff, with hidden legs. No wonder she pecks all day.

I know I already posted today, but this 2nd post is in keeping with my Agenda For the Day, items #1 and #2: Procrastination and Avoidance.

Our housing saga is taking a terrible toll on my mental state, and I cannot account for my (in)actions. I have even become a house s!ut... ready to commit to anything with dirt and 4 walls. All Geoff has to say is "How about..." and I jump and say "Great. Let's do it. Where do I sign?" Even a yurt, makes me feel giddy and resolute. I wish I were made of stronger stuff. I wish I could put all of it out of my head.

I think I will go see what the chicks are doing.


calamitykim said...

Natalie- Two posts is glorious! I am so in love with your babies! I am making something for Maria and I wish I could call you but have no idea where your number went. I am making her an ...oh, wait, maybe I should let it be a surprise. I don't know if you know about Mary Jane's Farm and her outdoor rooms that are basically tents on raised wooden floors. I want to live there.
I wish you could move to Sarasota.
anyway, please email me your address so I can check it against the one I have and use this email:



can I get you to save the feathers for me? has anyone else asked? or are you keeping them?
at last you have part of your dream, the rest will come too.
altogether now, she's got high hopes, she's got high hopes...apple pie in the sky...

Em said...

I love these pictures, and the little stories to go with them are great! I SO wish I could have some chicas too... someday... maybe someday!

Julie said...

I want baby dinosaurs, I mean chicks!!!!

amy smith said...

funny looking and friendly.... sounds like me!

Oiyi said...

They are growing beautifully.

nikkipolani said...

I can't get enough of their beautiful features - your photos of them in the sunshine really highlight the detail and delicacy of them.