Saturday, June 07, 2008

Starry Nigh Hollow In June

A June Jamboree... for Pam-Mama Sparks

If it weren't for Mamasparks I am not sure I ever would have found Starry Night Hollow, the new little quilt shop in So Cal. Keep in mind, Pam lives half a country away, but she keeps track of these things! She was the one who tracked down the elusive shop address and web address for me. Until I heard from her, the rumors and legend of a beautiful house with a lush garden and rooms full of fabric and inspiration... well it seemed it was a myth.

Now I have first hand knowledge. Mercy. It's pure enchantment. The house and gardens are a well kept secret. Beyond the garden walls sits a quilt shop overflowing with fabric and art, with friendly people and inspiring patterns, samples, and classes. I am waiting for a chance to participate in a Quilt til You Wilt event... quilting and sharing until midnight, in the company of talented people. I once spent an hour visiting in Grandma Nancy's quilt class, and even in an hour I learned so much! I expect a long evening with other quilters would afford me a great deal of inspiration and practical advice. Maybe someday I will even take a first quilting class.

When Pam heard I was hoping to try Quilt 'Til You Wilt, she asked me to be sure and take pictures, to share the fun. Well, my chance to share some Starry Night Hollow fun came this weekend as they are holding a June Jamboree! Not that I was anxious to have some fun and get out of the house... but I did show up about 10 minutes early, so what does that say?

Alex, Max and Maria came with me. Maria was wearing her first chicken apron from Calamity Kim. Kim, she gets such a kick out of showing everyone the egg pocket! This "June Jamboree" is quite an event, with all kinds of fun for everyone. Maria made the most of their generosity and spent a great deal of her visit at the painting table. She loves the little ceramic cutouts she got to paint. Even Max and Alex had a good time... I should describe the Manctuary. Besides having hat and apron contests, and drawings for prizes, they are also fund-raising for Susan G. Komen... very nice.

Ah, yes. This is the Manctuary. A quiet room, where anyone less inclined to fawn over fabrics and get giddy over quilts, aprons, rick-rack and buttons, can sink in to oversized man-chairs and tune in to the wide screen TV. Isn't this inspired? I thought I would be the one dragging my feet when it came time to go home, but these 3 were the reluctant ones. Of course the hot dogs, burgers and corn chips may have also influenced their view. Let's just say, they weren't hungry again for several hours after June Jamboree!

I bought fabric. It's true. I promise, every yard is a well intended, purposeful acquisition. I actually exercised a little bit of restraint (hard to do) and I kept projects in mind, including a vision I have in mind for Bill and Alison's baby. Nothing Pink, I know. I do hope they will like something Fresh Squeezed. Maria helped me pull any pinks out of the charm pack we bought at Starry Night Hollow, saying, "Alison likes orange, not pink."

Oh dear. I made up the squares for the baby quilt, but I need just a little more fabric to sash them. And I can't help but think of making something for my Mommy, this being her special day and all. Happy Birthday Mommy! I guess we'll have to go back. Maria can wear her other chicken apron, and maybe we can enter it in the apron contest. Pam, someday we'll go to Starry Night Hollow together, and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing some peeks and I have a little pin cushion pattern to send to you... a confection from the Jamboree.


  1. Hey there, I can see words but no pictures. :-(

  2. Looks like a slice of heaven! What a fun day...and marvelous place! Love the photo of Marie and the Princess & the Pea quilt (FAB quilt that one, btw) and the Manctuary...gotta have that for the menfolk ;o) hehehe...WOW...thanks for sharing your sweet outing. Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  3. Hi, Natalie! Just stopping by to say hi! I was going to settle down to read your posts but then JP says he needs to use the laptop for work. I'll be back soon! :o)

  4. BRAVO!! I am so excited to have such a great view! It looks like you and the fam had a great time. My SIL lives near you and invited me to come out and visit so maybe I will have to make the trip and visit you at the same time? You will have to keep me informed as to what is going on at the shop so I can time it right, LOL. It is funny but when I was in Paducah this spring I bought the entire FQ bundle of Fresh Squeezed, great minds and all...

  5. What a neat looking place - I love the quilts all hung up around the garden.

  6. Ah, there with you in spirit!

  7. Feliz Cumpleanos para la mama de Natalie!

  8. what a wonderful little quilt shop.

  9. Hi Natalie, Thanks so much for coming by June Jamboree this weekend! I love all your pictures you took and I'm glad you enjoyed your time spent here!

    See you soon!


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