Friday, October 10, 2008

I had a Really Good History Teacher

These economic nightmare posts are not happy, I know. And while I never tried to make this a blog exclusively dedicated to all things happy, I do try to move forward with as much gratitude and light as possible. I have also tried to be a realist, at least so far as telling our story. So, while I could post about the quilt I just finished, or the pink hat I crocheted for Maria, I cannot help but acknowledge this historic moment in American and World history. This is unprecedented. It is the end of an era. It is personally, and historically fascinating. We are not likely to forget this week.

Thank you Mr. Watson. He was my high school history teacher, and I credit him with inspiring me to quilt, fall in love with Wisconsin and homesteading, and making the Great Depression a real and valuable lesson in economic responsibility. And every time my landlord or realtors or neighbors gave me funny looks or flat out told me I was naive when I talked about the housing bubble and our nation's financial collision course, I thought about my history class, about the parallels between then and now... If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Man, I loved that class.

Oh, I guess it might not seem fitting to have Betty's picture next to Mr. Watson's name. She's there to look pretty and remind me that life is beautiful. Good Betty. Look Pretty. Life is beautiful.

Maybe I should show the new quilt. I made it to be purely, luxuriously comfy-snug. It's flannel on top, and slinky soft Minky on the bottom, with fluff sandwiched in between. Tonight the children and I will share it and a funny movie, maybe You Can't Take It With You or It's a Wonderful Life, and we'll take heart in the good things.... like movies at home, warm quilts made with love, backyard chickens, and all the fixings to bake a pumpkin pie.


  1. Your quilt sounds lovely. Considering the circumstances, we all could use a cozy, comfy security blanket.

  2. Little Miss Betty is adorable, and I agree: we are experiencing an historic moment, for good or for ill. I continue to pray/hope/thing good thoughts: May we emerge with stronger support for each other, and fiscally wiser.

  3. I just love old black and white movies. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. I don't know why I love photos of chickens so much! Yes, show your quilt!!!

  5. Movies at home, quilts, backyard chickens, pumpkin pie - that IS the best of life, chica. I know your house troubles break your heart, but take heart that the HOME you've built with your love and sweat and commitment is so much more lasting and important. When I look at your pictures, I can see your HOME in your family's beautiful eyes and the luxuriously organic, rich life you've created together. Nothing can take that away, especially not something as vaporous as the stock market.

  6. So true, Paul. I find Natalie's place a joy to visit.

  7. I just realized... we have a "Betty" too... but she's a Barred Plymouth Rock! Weird... What are your other chica's names? I could look back in the archives I guess... nah - just email me! Ha ha!


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