Thursday, October 09, 2008

Artists in Residence

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For quite some time I have been meaning to add a copyright to Chickenblog, maybe even a watermark on my photographs. However good or mediocre my own work may be, it is my work and it would be infuriating to see it somewhere else, under someone else's name. And since today I am showing my children's work, I feel particularly protective.

Geoff replaced our sad, tired, broken printer, and he taught me how to use the new scanner. Taught, is a big word for what amounted to a small lesson... now I know how to push the button that says "scan." It's so easy! Grin.

Now I can share my children's art quickly, simply. I think when world events, the economy and housing woes bring me down, I will still be able to find something beautiful to share, thanks to the many talents in this home. Today's featured artists are Alex (14) and Maria (3.)






Mama Spark said...

I love the artwork! Very talented!! Have you had a problem with others borrowing your photos?

Lesley said...

Wow! That is some extremely talented 14-year-old! Wonderful stuff.

Kelli said...

Alex is a very talented artist! Does he know about It's an online community where you post your artwork for the world to see. You can look at others' art, leave comments, and get comments! It's populated largely by kids in Alex's age-range, as well as many many professional artists.

Just thought I'd share!

Lori said...

awesome :^)

Tiglizzyclone said...

Nice artwork, and I think you have nice photos.

Katie said...

You live in the midst of amazing artists. They must get it from you!

judy in ky said...

Such amazing detail in Alex's drawings... and I love Maria's chicken!

amy smith said...

those are incredible!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Such gorgeous artwork! Alex's robot makes me think of a robotic Pinnochio just pining away to become a real human. And Maria's drawing is so adorable .. with chickens too! Hmm, I do believe that you should make an embroidered pillow using Maria's artwork. You could also take one of Alex's gorgeous dragons and print it on ink jet fabric to use to make a fabric cover for a blank sketchbook. :-) Very talented family you have there Natalie .. you're very rich indeed!

Sarah said...

Alex is amazingly talented. I really do hope he keeps drawing. I love the legs on Maria's drawings!

Autumnal hugs, Sarah x

Mandalin said...

I've loved dragons ever since I read 'The Hobbit' as a teenager, some 30 years ago. And I have to say, Alex's dragons are wonderful. They look like they could fly off the page. I wish I had just a 10th of that talent. Maria's chicken! Just adorable.