Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch... My Happy Contribution to Our Economic Recovery

A little spending, a lot of playing. On Sunday we met cousins Nick and Izzy and Aunt Holly out in the country. Thank goodness for pony rides and petting zoos, for shady spots and hot brats... no, not overheated, cranky children. The other brat... the pumped-up, spiced sausage. I absolutely loved seeing the tiniest goats ever and watching Maria feed piglets. And seeing Max completely absorbed in hanging out with chickens and goats and sheep, piglets, ducks and geese was very dear. Alex, William, Nick and Max spent time on their own, exploring and adventuring at the craft booths. Izzy, Maria, Holly and I did the same. These are a few highlights...

I know it's not right, but I'm thinking Thanksgiving right about now.


Tiglizzyclone said...

Maria looks so cute on that pony. Thanks for sharing those wonderful, happy moments. Your photos are always great!

Laura Jane said...

Oh Natalie, its lovely to have a photo of you with your brood.

And I notice the way you are connected with Max in the photo - in most photos of me with my daughter I am doing the same thing.

Its not strange...just connected for a reason

Theresa said...

Hi, I just found you on Soule Mama. I am so hapy to hear there is a blog about a mom who loves chickens!! I will have to read more later, but for now check out my photo on my Green Mama blog. also I have a family blog (All of Us). Blessings Theresa

judy in ky said...

What a gem of a post... your photos are always a joy to see. Makes me want to come and be a part of your family.