Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just in Time!

It's chilly! It's chilly! It's chilly and just in time I've made a few things to especially enjoy in this wonderfall weather. Now, I am not going to be specific, because I know our "chilly" temperatures are heat wave temps by comparison. Personally, I could not leave my bed without socks and a bathrobe. And before Geoff left to Hawaii, he insisted it was time to turn on the heater... honestly, that Man! I am going to have to report him to Al Gore. I suggested we try closing windows and wearing pajamas before we crank up the furnace, and he grinned sheepishly. I love it when he grins sheepishly.

Before I actually close windows, because I love the cool fresh air, I will start adding layers. An extra blanket, or quilt, for instance, can go a long way to keep the shivers at bay. And here is the quilt I whipped up this week. It's tied, because while I try to finish the Hawaiian Aloha quilt my fingers really need recovery time. And the pieces are chunky large and not very elaborate. The main thing was to make it ridiculously comfy, immediately gratifying and to feature this adorable folk art print that I am so in love with.

Back in June, I took complete advantage of a fabric sale at a certain favorite quilt shop, and that was when I bought all of this bumpy, silky, slinky Minky. The boys went all summer wondering when I was going to get around to making it in to something they could wrap up in. It just begs to be snuggled in. Sandwiched in between is an old blanket that was a favorite, but had seen better days. In its second life that thread bare blanket is making the whole quilt lofty, warm and softy.

Sigh. It's just so Me. Colors and images and sentiments that make me swoony and glad.

This next Fall project was completely spontaneous and pink. Maria was with me in a craft shop looking for a frame, and she had to have pink yarn. Believe me, I resist 99% of the time that anyone "has to have anything," but she was hugging this skien of yarn and loving it and insisting I could "quilt something beautiful with it..." Maria calls everything I make "quilting," and I think it is wonderful that she notices and appreciates handmade things. So the very pink, cotton yarn came home with us.

On and off throughout my day, I fashioned a hat out of it. I am not trying to be modest or coy... I do not know how to follow crochet patterns and I do not know a single crochet from a clove hitch, but I do have pretty good luck just faking it, until it looks like something. And this time it looks like a hat. No, I didn't use a pattern. I got so pleased with myself when it was done, I tried to make a blue one and nothing zippo, zoinks... I could not do it again!

So, I tried a scarf this time, and that came out pretty good. Reminds me of the time a blue bunny appeared from the yarn I was playing with... just in time to be Maria's first handmade gift.


Janece said...

Oh Natalie - that quilt is AMAZING! I love it! You did a beautiful job. And that pink little hat for Maria is marvelous. And I must say, you should come see us -- it is sunny and beautiful this morning, but crisp, crisp, crisp. :) Your warm, sweet spirit and beautiful toasty quilts would be the perfect addition to our Saturday morning! :)

judy in ky said...

Natalie, you are amazing, and so modest. I love your quilt. You seem to have a knack for making things cozy. I'm sure it will be put to good use this winter. I wish yarn would "just turn into things" in my hands... the hat is adorable. I'll bet you didn't even use a pattern. I like to make things up myself, but they never come out that good. I read your "crafty" post from March 2007. I love that Christmas quilt. It seems your whole family is talented, and I can see where they get it!

Tiglizzyclone said...

That's a really nice quilt, and also a pretty hat. I tried to learn to crochet once. I could never understand the directions in those how to books. So now I just do my own thing.

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, Maria's little hat is just too sweet. That particular shade of pink is one of my favoritest colors.

Laura Jane said...

ADORABLE quilt Natalie. That's a perfect use for that fabric and I love the setting squares too. Mmmmm minky back, yum!

And Maria's hat is really sweet and just right. I'm sure that was exactly what she had in mind for the wool.

d.a. said...

The hat is the absolute cuteness! Adorable!

Tarie said...

"Sigh. It's just so Me. Colors and images and sentiments that make me swoony and glad." -----> Omigosh. Right before I read this I thought: That quilt is SO Natalie.

And Maria is getting more and more gorgeous every day!!!

Em said...

What a great quilt! I love the hat too... you are so talented - I have never tried chrochet! It's a really cute hat - simple but pretty!

Sabine said...

Working without a pattern, that's very daring! And the result is lovely, my congratulations.