Monday, October 13, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Yarn Disorder

There are at least 42 imperative, really, really important things I could or should be doing right now. Geoff is in Hawaii, with Holly and Paul, and they are helping Ruth with all the last details of her move. He calls several times a day to let me know that it is beautiful there. We still have that yearning to make our home in Hawaii. Sigh. Yeah, so I am utterly useless, back here on the Mainland, riding the housing roller coaster, getting children to and from school, cooking, answering the phone, scooping kitty litter, and crocheting. If crocheting could solve any crisis or ease frustrations, if crocheted hats and scarves could bring all the best choices to light, then we would be in great shape, because crocheting is about all I have been doing since Friday. I have 3 hats and 2 scarves to show for my efforts, and while I am still working without the benefit of patterns, at least I can honestly say they are one of a kind.

Yesterday I finished a snowy blue hat for Maria and I lined it with snowman flannel. It buttons under her chin, and if we go anywhere with frost or hints of snow, then she will look cute and be snug, and my efforts will pay off. Then this morning I made this little green cap, that is a very elf in the forest collecting acorns kind of style. I accented the edge with a home made button, and sweetly enough Maria is very excited about giving it to her cousin, Izzy. "It has to be for Izzy, because it fits her and because Izzy likes hats." I agree... it should be for Izzy.

I am tempted to find an instructional book or take a class, so that my homemade gifts will have a little more polish and be a little less... uhmmm... unique. I keep telling myself that all of this sewing and yarn work is more affordable than therapy and could result in a lot of suitable holiday gifts, but I know that neglecting the big jobs and real chores cannot be a good idea in the long term. And even as I resolve to put down my hook and yarn, I am keenly aware of the 40% off yarn coupon I just slipped in to my pocket. OCYD... if I start blogging about crocheted toilet paper cozies or crocheting hats for the chickens, please call my friends and organize an intervention.


  1. At the FIRST sign of crocheted toilet roll holders or hats on chooks (or at least photographic evidence of same, I shall consider it my solemn duty to get on a plane and come to your house and wrestle the hook from your deranged fingers MYSELF!

    In the meantime, adorable elf hats with handmade buttons are a service to humanity, and I shall allow you, nay encourage you, to continue in the public good.

  2. The hat is really cute - but I do promise that I will do all within my power to stop you from even thinking about making clothing for your chicas or toilet paper roll covers... or even those dish soap dresses - don't EVEN think about it!

  3. ........although... those chicas might be the belles of the yard with their hand-knitted goods :-)

  4. Use this image to warn yourself against too many crocheted gifts:

  5. Oh anna banana that is the funniest toilet roll cover I have seen since the 70's!

    Natalie, - do not, I repeat - DO NOT do anna banana's toilet roll covers! You will have all the kids wearing them for hats! LOL

    Maybe you could try some afghans? If it gets colder in your neck of the woods, you will be cozy warm ... I have bunches in my house, and I use them a lot in the winter.

  6. TP cozies. JUST SAY NO.

    P.S. love the little hat!

    Love Holly (from Hawaii)

  7. LOVE the hat, Natalie! You've been biten by the yarn bug--LOL! I know the feeling...never enough yarn, never enough time to knit! I like the idea of a hat lined with flannel for more warmth and coziness factor! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

  8. Hello Natalie!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments my friend! I love the hat, and believe me I have been bitten by that yarn bug many times before! Once you get started it is hard to put the needles down! :o) I am a knitter and have vowed to learn to crochet one day, crochet stitches are beautiful! Cannot wait to see more of your work! You and your family have a lovely week!



  9. Well, I'd kinda like to see a chicken in a crocheted hat! But don't let me be a bad influence on you.

    Just stopped by to visit. I think of you every time I bake some of those TJ's mini-croissants, which is every few weeks.

    Hawaii would be a dreamy place to live I think. I've never been there...yet. People have told me how lovely it is.

  10. (Hi from Australia), Why would you want your gifts to be LESS unique? That's what makes them special.

  11. I'm ashamed to say I have been absent from the Chicken Blog for more than a month now. Turns out we have the same addiction -- I have been crocheting instead of reading.


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