Monday, July 29, 2002

Fiesta Update #6

Some specifics are occurring to me; on the tenth everyone needs to park on the street. No exceptions, sorry. We'll need to make maximum use of the driveway, since our yard will be 'out of commission' at party time.

Also, so far, days have been hot, but nights have been cool, so consider wearing layers or bringing along a change of wardrobe for the evening at the 'Ranch.' Let's be 'lovely and sophisticated' at the restaurant, and then 'beautiful and comfortable' at home. Personally, I find sophisticated and comfortable are often contradictory conditions. Is it just me, or this 'girl talk?' I live with a lot of boys, and I don't often engage in the 'what are you wearing?...I'm wearing_______,' conversations. I'll illuminate some more; for the evening wear something that likes to dance, eat, and, perhaps, sit on a bale of straw or hike around uneven terrain.

Okay, just call or write if any of this is confusing.

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