Monday, July 29, 2002

Muddy Rancho Nymph

This is the week that Mission Pools implies there may be a possibility of some conceivable progress on the pool, but no promises. Mom asked how the pool looks, and it's safe to say that it looks the same as it did when she was here last month. Michelle schedules tile and coping (edging, not therapy) and she says that she is sending us the "accelerated team." After tile and coping comes equipment and then we have to pass inspection. The final step will be plaster, which takes 5 days to cure and requires daily brushing. So the end is in sight; distant, yet visible. It's not too soon to make reservations or claim your pool side chair!

Saturday I ran through the sprinklers. You really have to comprehend the circumstances to appreciate how ridiculous my romp was. Nacho is fixing the timers and checking all the spray heads. There are no shrubs or trees to water, and no grass to skip across. There is a great quantity of trenched and retrenched, but still rock hard dirt. But the lovely mist and the rainbows that encircled the sprinkler heads beckoned me and willingly, I ran forth. My overalls clung and my slippers obliged and I was a backyard sprite, a muddy ranch nymph. It was delicious, cool and refreshing. Water bliss.

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