Sunday, July 28, 2002

Single Rooster Seeks New Roost

Further research has not brought any helpful suggestions regarding Sunshine and his temperament. We are completely disheartened. The only 'hopeful' suggestion for keeping a mean rooster is to frequently kick or hit him. I have no intention of including animal abuse in our life lessons for our sons. No one submitted any therapeutic, or behavior modifying ideas. There were many soup and roast recipes, and some very strong warnings against keeping a mean rooster where there are small children. Max and Alex are certainly 'small' and of course there are cousins and friends to consider, so I am slowly mustering the gumption to do what's best. I hope we can find someone who really wants a handsome, healthy rooster, for company, and amusement.

Single, Rhode Island Red; seeks long term housing and personal care. Must be vegan, tall, and enjoy waking at dawn. 'KFC' need not apply.

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