Sunday, September 01, 2002

Forces of Nature

1. water is added to the pool immediately after plastering
2. water aides in the curing of the plaster
3. our pool began to fill at 11:30 a.m., Friday
4. our pool was full at 3:00 a.m., Saturday
5. the water is murky; due to the plaster, and water quality
6. we are running the water through the filter
7. it is clearing
8. yesterday was the hottest day
9. some people suggest waiting a week, before swimming

So, now we are all caught up on the minor details.

Yesterday we sat around the pool, and lamented the lag time when we 'shouldn't swim. ' Holly, Rich Nicholas, Ruth and Corm spent the night, and so we all woke up to a full pool, sparkling in the morning light. Eventually we reasoned that no harm could come from simply dangling our feet in the water. Geoff brushed the sides of the pool, as per instructions. We swished our feet in the cold water, and talked about plans for the day.

Later, the visitors were gone, and I took over brushing the pool sides. It was necessity that caused me to descend to the bench in the deep end; there was a spot that needed particularly concentrated brushing. The bench was firm, and I was careful not to dig any sharp objects (knives, bayonets, shark's teeth, diamonds) in to the plaster.

My legs were immersed in the still cold water, and I was diligently doing my work. Then, quite without warning, a force of aquatic magnitude caused my legs to propel my body up and forward, over the greatest depth of the pool. Even with all of my faculties and strength I was unable to run backwards in mid air and return to the safety of the bench! And this is the true story of how I ended up, fully dressed, and prematurely, in the middle of our pool. Though Alex was also fully dressed he willingly jumped in and offered to rescue me. William, equally thoughtful, followed.

After about half an hour, Alex asked "What if Carter (Mission Pools' illustrious foreman) comes and sees us in the pool?"

I answered confidently, "No problem. I fell in. You tried to save me. William tried to save you. And daddy went to get help. And then we'll say 'Carter! You're just in time to rescue us!' "

It was an hour or more before the aquatic forces released us and we were able to swim for shore.

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