Friday, September 06, 2002

Roll of Thunder Hear My Laughter

Most excellent weather; not for swimming, but for breaking the tension of months of heat, dry weather and disappearing reservoirs. The sky has been like an omnimax theater presentation of outrageous cloud formations and movement. It has been scorchingly hot. The air has been clinging to the back of my shirt, and under my bra, like damp Saran wrap. Yesterday we waited for rain. We could smell it coming, but the dark and churning clouds only released sporadic little drops, and left us gasping for more. Today the relief has come in satisfying bursts of genuine rainfall. There has been lightning and thunder that rolls across the sky and under the floor boards, shaking the house and us in it. It's deep down fun to be working in the yard, hot and dirty, and feel the initial drops, and to know that the cool breeze, the charge in the air and the dimming light are sure signs that rain is at last coming. The first thunder clap brought forth a scream and laughter from me; not from fear, but from the sheer exhilaration and joy of the energy moving through the air.

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