Saturday, September 07, 2002

Play In the Garden

Today we bark. Though the landscaping was declared complete, there are, of course, finishing touches. All week I have, with help, been adding trees and shrubs. We moved the horse water trough up from the corral and in to our secret garden. It is now a huge, raised strawberry bed. And the barrels I carted home last spring are set to be filled with flowers and seeds. Alex helped me place a bird bath and hang our "Bless The Harvest" angel. And today, before Geoff heads in to the office, we are going to Home Depot to buy bark to lay in the playset area. We have encircled the fort, swings and slide with a rock wall; the rocks were set to serve as seats and tables, and they will also hold in the bark. We left a space for an arbor and climbing rose, and there are also some of the barrels between the rocks. The space is shaping up to be cozy, inviting and a fun place to be. It is nice to provide children with room to play that reflects the respect and caring we feel for them.

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