Monday, March 10, 2003

Alex has his father's game player's gene. He loves to play Scrabble and chess, and he loves to win. It is with humility and pride that I present "Alex's Winning Scrabble Game:"

We have played quite a few games lately, and we have a good time . We enjoy watching new words take shape and spread across the board. Our style is both competitive and cooperative. I have been using Scrabble as a tool to strengthen his reading and spelling. He has excellent strategic intuition, and he is most decidedly determined. He insists on taking very little help. He sounds out words and asks for confirmation of their spelling, and he has begun to refer to the dictionary for an expanded spelling arsenal. Alex is making tremendous strides in improving his reading and writing, and winning a game over his mom has its perks too. He shook hands like a gentleman, and he grinned like a champion.

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