Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Last night I had a dream about Alison and Bill's wedding. Actually it was like a dress rehearsal with Alison and her bridesmaids. In the real world I haven't met the other women in the wedding party, so my super creative mind conjured a few friendly, pretty women. The topics of discussion included "hair-what to do," and "am I wearing the right bra?" I have seen the actual dresses the bridesmaids are wearing, which is why, in the dream, I was a little surprised by the long, red satin dresses with Peter Pan collars. Very shiny. Very typical of the surreality in dreams. Conveniently all of us had the same length, texture and color hair, so discussing style options was uncomplicated by individuality. The only other thing I can recall, before Geoff decided to wake me up, was feeling happy to be hanging out with the bride and her close friends and sister. It was cool. I had a sense of relief that I could ask all the questions pertinent to the big day. And I was just about to ask my "hosiery" question, when I heard Geoff: "Hey, wake up. Max is looking for you."

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