Tuesday, March 11, 2003

What's News?

I have been reading news articles on the Internet this morning. (Now who's using a dictionary?) Initially my reaction was shame; my Blog is so trivial, so fluff 'n' stuff. No, wait, my initial reaction was self-awareness: I am not keeping up with the geopolitical scene. Then self loathing: why am I so ignorant? Then, I thought about the shallowness of my own website. But I must not wallow in my vacuousness. Deep thoughts. Must think deep thoughts...

What's the deal with ham and Easter? It seems like for religious or secular reasons, Easter is an obvious vegetarian holiday. A spring reprieve for baby chicks, and piglets too.

I already questioned one ply toilet paper. These things really get to me.

Didn't the French blow up a Green Peace ship? What moral stand was that all about?

Another thought, wasn't Prime Minister Chamberlain's foreign policy with Nazi Germany successful? Hmmm...maybe not.

Why would a city (initials S.D.) pay a football team 30 million dollars for unsold game tickets, and also cut thousands of teachers from the public schools? Maybe by cutting costs in education we can finally afford to buy a new stadium for the Chargers!

Observation: Americans like ice cream, but are fickle about where to buy it. Baskin Robbins was the standard, then Swensens, then Haagen Dazs was the chic store front parlor, then there was the whole frozen-yogurt-nail-salon-strip-mall phase, followed by nonfat backlash from Ben and Jerry's, and now everywhere there are Cold Stone something or other. Very deep indeed.

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