Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I love to take pictures

Imagine my pure delight with this camera. The whole process is in my control, and the results are immediate. Really, really fast. Today is my first day having 100% non-glitch good results with transferring images from camera to computer, and exporting from iphoto to Blog. In technological geek circles my success is probably the equivalent of learning how to boil water, but this is the most awesome computer 'cookin'' I've ever done!

Since the boys are restless from doing nothing but watch their mom moan and blow her nose, I made a huge production of serving lunch al fresco. We had a backyard picnic, complete with potato chips and dill pickles. It is a clear sky day, warm and breezy. Sitting next to the playset, we observed that our beans in the barrel are ready to set flowers. And over our heads, Chango looked down on us and the chicas.

Chango will be 3 years old this Spring. He is as sweet as he can be, but his nature leans toward feral. Gophers fear him and mice won't go near him. Our dear monkey cat.

And this is Alex and his guava. We have been speculating about when this thing will be ripe. It is huge, but still hard as a rock. The variety is Asian, so anyone that knows what we can expect, please write. Alex is very proud of all his guavas.

And here we have the nest boxes. Of course since I went to the trouble of setting up official nest boxes, the chicas prefer to lay their eggs in the tub on top. That's Rosie in there now. She is talking to herself, and shifting the straw around.

Soon she will get comfortable (maybe after I take my camera and leave) and settle down to egg laying. Her sisters are busy having their dust baths under the bedroom window.

William, Alex and Max are together digging holes in the dirt. I like days that are noteworthy for their simplicity. I like to capture fractions and glimpses of life, in words and pictures.

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