Friday, March 07, 2003

My next ambition for Chicken Blog is to post links and create a page for reader comments. Really this means hoping Geoff has some free time to decipher all the Blogger techno language and to then install it somewhere in Chicken Blog. The result will be that I can share and You can share too.

As it is, whenever I try to make a web page link it doesn't light up and become 'linkable.' Very disappointing. A prompt for reader comments would be nice, because then...assuming there are readers...people could add their views or correct my spelling, whatever, and the remarks would pop up in the Blog. Neat, huh? The future is bright.

Much coughing and nose blowing from me. No more fever or bone grinding body aches. My favorite torture of being bed ridden sick is the time spent horizontal imagining all that I could be doing if only I were healthy. If I were healthy...I would clean the garage, heat and clean the pool, organize the pantry, drive to Capitola, finish hula lessons, finish a quilt and start another, sign up with a personal trainer and make a plan, clear the spice cabinet, turn the compost, prune the roses, read and discuss "Romeo and Juliet" with the boys, get a facial, get a haircut, do sit ups every morning, put photos in albums, burn cds of road tunes to carry in the Odyssey, take down the Christmas lights from the front porch, get passports, touch up the house paint, call a piano tuner, learn to knit, plant some trees, pull some weeds, mail Lily's fox tail (which I just found,) buy rabbit feed, make our bedroom look beautiful...
ambitious sick woman.

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