Monday, March 31, 2003

News From the Home Front

Cats Caught in Open Defiance of Civility,
and Other Acts of Domestic Disobedience

Nena's Mug Shots

These photographs, taken moments ago, show Nena in
clear defiance of domestic laws, and health policy.

Her defense counsel insists on her innocence: "It's plain to see
she is a victim of circumstance. I plan to investigate the
possibility she was even set up."

Proof such as this is pretty damning. She may be
serving 9 lives.

Warning: Graphic Images

Pictured above, Chango "El Cubano"
aka Chango the Gopher Ralpher.

There is more than one "Bad Cat" at El Rancho.
Praised by some for his hunting skills, he has lately
come under criticism for gopher regurgitation.
Due to the graphic nature of the crime scene,
extreme close ups cannot be printed
in a family publication.

Is it in their nature or were they
raised to be bad?

Two cats, lying in wait, openly giving stink eye.

Chango and Diego, how do you plea?

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