Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Life has been extra thick around here lately. I can't decide whether to elaborate with documentary length reporting, or just leave it at: BLAHHH!! Freakin' ARGHHH-BLECH-PTTT.
Yes, I think that about covers it.

Now, in a desperate attempt to avoid deep thoughts, and other yucky feelings I will list about numbers...

25: number of times I have moved in 36 years.
13: number of years I have been married
7: number of people living in this house
8: number of gray hairs I can count on my head
100: number of sit ups I do a day
2: number of weeks I have been doing 100 sit ups a day
200: number of feet we lived from the Pacific Ocean
40: number of feet I can swim on one breath
21: number of years I have known Geoff
7.75: number of years, cumulatively, I breast fed our sons
5: number of times high school government teacher asked me, "Do you speak Spanish?"
1: number of times high school counselor pointed at me and asked my mother, "Can she speak English?"
2: number of days "Ghandi" and "Empire of the Sun" are overdue at Video store
6: number of bottles of "2 Buck Chuck" I picked up from Trader Joe's
3: number of weeks it takes me and Grandma to finish a bottle of wine
5: number of people that regularly read "Chicken Blog"
3: number of regular readers that scrolled down, looking for something interesting

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