Friday, April 04, 2003

6 titles continued
19. Spirited Away + My Neighbor Totoro + Kiki's Delivery Service

My mom is in town, on a mission of comfort and support, so we went to the movies. We saw "Spirited Away." My cerebral functions are still down, so my post film analysis is fractured at best. It's a really, really good movie. The artists spared no effort for even the cracks in the concrete. The story is mind altering in its orginality; I would have chosen it over the vacuous and shallow "Chicago" for best film. Poor Hollywood is so enamoured of its special effects, it has effectively forgotten to tell special stories. Meanwhile we can rely on the fresh perspectives, and visions of Miyazaki, Robert Rodriguez, Salma Hayek, Peter Jackson, Mira Nair.

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