Friday, April 18, 2003

Here is our Lovely Luna

Luna was strolling across the lawn in search of delicacies. She has been well and laying beautiful brown eggs with pale speckles on the wide end. She is a sweet chica.

My Mom is riding home this morning. We've learned that Greyhound can return her to her home in Oregon in under 30 hours. By tomorrow we'll really know whether it's such a good deal. Speaking from plenty of experience, bus riding can be a tricky business. I will be glad to hear from her when she calls from her cozy home in the woods, and if the ride was decent enough, maybe the boys and I will take a ride this Summer and pick berries, walk on the beach...

At least the crisis here has mellowed. Grandpa has been home for some time...I have lost track of days, which is unusual for me. Seeing him, listening to him, one would not know what he's been through and what his body is up against. He is incredibly lucky.

I feel we have all been hovering, existing in a sort of holding pattern, waiting to see which direction the wind was going to blow from. We all try to help, to do more than before, but the fact is the burden of caring and tending mostly falls on Grandmother's shoulders. There are more medicines, tests, symptoms, restrictions and issues for her to monitor, tend to, serve and mend. She is a driver, cook, nurse, maid and manager. Hopefully we will find a routine and settle in to it, and then find more ways to give her a break; time off to take care of her own needs and spirit.

Geoff found an outlet for Grandmother that I think she is enjoying very much. He revived a computer, and set up an email account for her. Now when she has a few minutes of quiet time she can write to her brother in Guadalajara, and her daughters and son, and she can begin to explore the internet, and read letters and cards from family and friends. Yesterday we sat together trying to get online and we shared the agony, misery and mystery of "the system is down." It is somehow satisfying to be tormented by trivialities.

Mom did a lot while she was here, like driving, running errands, helping with household chores and spending many long days in the hospital to be Grandpa's advocate and a companion to him. She also found the absolute most perfect and beautiful Mother of the Groom dress, which is wonderful. I think Bill and Alison's coming soon wedding has definitely been our light and delight. Seeing everyone, and celebrating together will be life affirming and joyous. Mom's stay here was very helpful, but I look forward to our May visit far more.

And when Grandpa came home, I think Max was his most eager attendant. Max was very worried about his great grandpa. He wanted to bring him cookies and milk, share his toys with him, bandage his "badly hurt places," and he told him "I'm glad you're home Grandpa."

I love this photograph of Rosie. It looks awesome full screen, and I sent it to Geoff for use as a vigilant screensaver and computer de-bugger. She has a keen look in her eye, and though she may peck your toes, she is really very mild and gentle.

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