Wednesday, April 16, 2003


"Undo" is a feature I just discovered on the computer. "Undo" is powerful magic and I am already disappointed to realize that I cannot apply its effects to my daily life. I wrote a paragraph that was not going any where; it lacked interest and direction, so I deleted it. Then I thought "Drat, maybe I should have kept the general concept," and that is when I found the undo prompt and *ping* everything reverted to its former state.

I would like to undo...

the moment the dentist drilled through my sinus.
the school picture I took in 9th grade, and tenth.
enrolling for hula lessons.
skiing on ice, the second time.
attempting to cheat on a pop quiz in 1984
3:40 a.m. February 14, 2001...forgetting my purse as we began a 16 hour drive home from a very small town in Mexico...

Of course, if we can undo the little things that snag our thoughts or give us regret, then perhaps we miss out on evolvement, growth, sympathy, enlightenment and even humiliation. Chaos, missteps, even poor judgment can lead to marvelous insights and understanding. I suppose I should not waste my time wishing I could undo every regrettable event of my life (obviously there is no sound reason to excuse the dental incident...argghh.) The great choices and brilliant ideas, the dumb moves, and shameful goof ups have all served to bring me here, to this place, with the people I know and love. I would not undo anything.

And speaking of "people I know and love," my boys, the artists and scientists, are always very busy. They are happy here at El Rancho. They have room to play and work. Room to make goof ups of their own, but mostly they are making wonderful discoveries, learning and inventing.

Last Spring, when Max was 3 he drew and colored one of the baby chicas.
He wants to post his picture, to share.

Alex loves Legos, especially Bionicles. He is collecting Bionicles
and keeps them displayed on his desk and a shelf he chose.

These are some of the Bionicle Masks that Alex has collected.

William spent two days designing and building this large scale pirate model.
The head, arms and legs are solid, and the chest is hollow (to save on bricks.)
He included such all Lego details as teeth, a shoe lace, a hoop earring, hairy chest, and
silver coins in his pouch.

Captain Cutlass stands 17.5" tall.

Actually Nena hasn't made or collected much at all, she isn't even a son of mine.
She is just a cat in love with her cat nip laced scratch box. She stayed on it for 3 hours
and left it soaked with drool.

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