Monday, June 02, 2003

Afternoon in Honoka'a

It's a Honoka'a kind of afternoon here at El Rancho. The sun is out and it's warm, but there is a faint haze; like rain waiting in the distance and filling the air with a mild charge. Out in the garden the flowers are fragrant, the leaves are lush and vigorous. Even the breeze riding up from the eastern valley reminds me of the steady off shore breeze out at the acres in Hawaii.

When Anne was in Hawaii for her event she stayed at Waikoloa. She shared her pictures with me; the laid back post triathlon group poses and even her glorious finish line moment. All her training and effort, emotional and physical, were for raising money for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. She met her fund raising goals, and as significant, she swam and bicycled and ran under the hot Hawaiian sun. That kind of dedication comes from a lot of aloha.

Anne brought me a goody bag with girl indulgences from the Waikoloa Spa. I love the lip balm and use it daily. The understanding is: Since it is good and necessary to wear skin protection with spf, when I run out of my favorite lip balm we will have to return to the Islands and Waikoloa for more. Care to come with? We won't have to run or cycle, unless you want to. I will swim. I will swim at Kahalu'u and Hapuna Beach. We can eat banana bread and fresh fruit while we watch the dolphins. We can drive from Hawi down to Waimea, at sunset, and stop to moo with the cows along the way. In Kona I suggest we walk along the boardwalk under the banyans, maybe get some shave ice and post cards. No hurry. A little rain is alright. Bring the children. They will love to snorkel with sea turtles and gather pukas in a pail. Lava tubes and volcanoes, keiki hula lessons and gathering guavas and sugarcane; there's plenty to do, or we could do very little.

Aloha Friday and Keiki Hula

I am wearing my lip balm every day, and even sometimes before I go to bed. Today is a bit hazy and maybe it could rain, but mostly it is dry here. I will run out soon. Get ready. Start shopping around for good airfares and I'll call ahead and see if we can pitch a few tents with the Kona ohana. In the meantime, practice wearing slippers and a sarong, put a flower in your hair, play a little Makaha Sons, and above all: Do everything with a lot of aloha.

Kailua Kona

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