Saturday, June 07, 2003

We had a good Family Night. Our tradition, since 1995, of dedicating Friday night to family togetherness and bonding, is good. After a busy week we get reconnected and no matter "what-the-stress" is going on we make our tribe the focus. Since Aunt Becky and Uncle Dan have motored over to El Rancho we had an expanded gathering.

I, for one, needed to release so we agreed to swim. The air temp was coolish but the pool is still holding the heat from last week's heat wave, so it felt good. Dan found his way to the spa, where he was joined by William, Max and Geoff. Becky and I did laps, and Alex swam too.

Last week the boys and I swam at night. It is wonderful to be warm and floating and looking above at a sea of stars. And the best sleep comes after an evening of swimming around, making waves. Max nearly nods off the moment I carry him to bed; he did last night.

After our aquatic adventure we popped some corn, heated cider and gathered around the big table to play dominoes. Thursday night Becky and Dan taught Grandma and Alex "Mexican Train." I'm not sure what to make of the name. It's almost an elaborate game, but Alex caught on well enough to win some rounds and to teach Geoff how to play. So they played again last night and by the time Dan needed to hit the hay, they persuaded me to play too. William refilled our pop corn as we made and repaired "trains" with our dominoes. It's fun.

Hans and Gretchen are in Mammoth. Is there still snow? They may be skiing. They are certainly doing something active and challenging. Bill and Alison are at a family cabin too. I think they may be doing some water sports and hanging out with friends. And they have a slide show to watch too! Mom and Dad are back from Canada and busy already. Hopefully they are waking up to a day beautiful enough to be worthy of my Mommy and her birth. Family, all the family, is always on my mind, and I hope we all had a good family night.

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