Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Geek Rating and Other News

I think I must have scored 22% due to my proximity to the genuine article! So, what's your Geek rating? Also, I earned extra points for "wears glasses" and "repairs own glasses."

We are in a busy month. Besides father's day, flag day and any graduations, there are many birthdays to celebrate. Happy Birthday to: Jared, Delia, Hans, Bill, Alex, Julie and Phil. Phew!

There's a snake in our garage. William saw it the other night when he went to bring in Nena the cat. She was standing, back arched, in front of the slitherty fellow. He gave us the slip. Maybe he'll catch the mice we saw.

The pool has reached 89 degrees. Sweet.

I feel a road trip coming on. I have been formulating some possibilities including: Tacupeto (before it's too hot, but only with a caravan) or Oregon (really, really want to, but the distance is formidable) or back up to Santa Cruz (less daunting.)

Procrastination: putting off for tomorrow what I should have done last week.

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