Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Little Road Trips

Here and there and everywhere, that's where we have been.

The guys, Max, Alex, William and Geoff, made it to the Air Show. It was a long day, and it was a fun day. James met them in time to see the Blue Angels. They had a lot to say about what they saw, and ate, and they were very tired by the time Maria and I caught up with them at James and Deanne's place. Deanne fed us pasta and meatballs, and Sam, their dog, provided the entertainment. It was a nice way to finish the day.

Maria and I spent the day hanging out. We shopped a bit, trying to find a perfect gift for Alison's birthday. Turns out I don't really know her well enough to say what the *perfect* gift is, so we settled on a Pier One gift card. (Okay, is it just me?... sometimes I think I worry too much about doing things "just right," which is ironic since I most often settle for "good enough.") Back to our day: We also had lunch together at Pei Wei, which was nice, since I am the only one that ever wants to eat there, which translates as: We never eat there. Maria and I shared teriyaki chicken and vegetables over brown rice. We talked. We laughed. We reflected on our 10 months together. It was lovely.

On Sunday we all went north to see Grandma E., Aunt Becky, Uncle Dan and my cousin Julie. They live in one of those old Pasadena neighborhoods, with the huge oak trees and charming Craftsman houses. It was a very nice visit. I think Grandma looks good. She's 83, and I could mention her ailments, but I am more impressed with her strengths. We enjoyed a walk together. Max collected acorns along the way, and Julie fed us pie when we returned. I know I am being short on details here; it was simply a pleasant visit and one we all agreed we would like to repeat.

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