Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You write the caption.

We had beans and sweet potatoes for dinner... can you tell? Maria is my Beanie Baby. Can you see her two teeth? Itty bitty little white bumps, like white rice.

Our friend Tamsyn stayed for dinner. We ate nachos with ground turkey and salsa, black beans, sweet potatoes. I threw it together, announced "Nacho Night, come and get it" and we nibbled and munched merrily. I felt almost apologetic for the informality of the one course meal. Apparently we can make an impression even when we feel less than *Martha.* As I threw more beans on the concoction, Tamsyn said sweetly "You guys are always so organized about dinner. We never know what we are going to have..." Hello? Me? Organized? Darling girl. Maybe I should learn to just say 'thank you,' but taking credit for being organized at the dinner table is too, too misleading. I'll say this much: Sometimes we do our best and it turns out good enough to make a meal or a day, or a moment special.

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Johanna said...

OMG! What an ADORABLE FACE! Stumbled upon your blog, and had to comment.
You guys look like you have a lot of fun! It's great to see!