Friday, October 21, 2005

New at the Zoo

Actually, this beautiful carousal is new at The Wild Animal Park.
Maria was enthralled with the painted animals: Lions and tigers and frogs, oh my!
When she got to ride she was really thrilled.

The Lion Camp is an exhibit we have been eager to visit. We saw it last December when we went at night for the sledding, but it was dark and cold. How busy are we? It took nearly a year to get our act together, but was it ever worth the effort. I half expected to have to search to see the lions. There were three sitting content as kitties against the window. The dozens of kindergartners and flashing cameras were not annoying enough to cause a feline retreat. They stretched, yawned, and gazed at us indifferently. They might have politely meowed: "Thanks, but no. We already ate."

Three big cats let us get up close and personal. Nice kitty. We fed the deer. We fed the coots and ducks. We even could have fed the giraffes. Happily, we did not feed the lions.

We also fed the lorikeets. For a cup of nectar these little guys are happy to land on your hand, shoulder, head... whatever! Free food is their motivation.

I don't know whether William appreciates my little joke, but after shelling out money all day to feed everyone, I thought of posting a sign: Feed Teenager $2.

This was Max's favorite part of the day.

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