Sunday, December 11, 2005

Our Oregon Trail

Last week's family vacation photo show was just a smattering, so pop some corn, kick back and feign interest, 'cause here are a few more precious moments...

Every trip has a beginning. I like the first 15 minutes of a roadtrip, when the energy is high and the anticipation is peaking. It was early in the afternoon and we weren't sure how far north we would get, but we were prepared for the adventure ahead.

Well, we were as prepared as we thought we needed to be. We could have used a little more cold weather clothing. When traveling from Southern California it is always impossible to anticipate extremes in temperature. Geoff and Max are wearing socks for gloves in the 37 degree Big Basin morning.

There are tales of a large, strange beast in the Red Woods... could this be...?

It was chess after breakfast and checkers before. This is at the Benbow Inn, which is a cozy, luxurious contrast with the natural setting of the red woods. I would like to stay in Richardson Grove State Park for natural beauty and then get pampered at the Inn for the beauty of warmth, comfort and service.

Outside at the Benbow Inn.

Geoff gave Maria a boost so she could get even more uncomfortable about the humungous blue ox.

Here's a better picture of Geoff and Maria.

We thought Bill and Alison would be with us for Thanksgiving. Mom was cooking so much even Maria felt obliged to help her. Bill and Alison wimped out on us (something about colds...) so we had to eat all the pies ourselves.

Mmmmm pie.

Okay, if you aren't convinced that you should be planning a roadtrip to Oregon, then take a look at these dinosaurs! South of Bandon, north of Brookings, somewhere along the 101 there are giant dinosaurs. I'm telling you the trip is great, with no end of astonishing sights and opportunites to bond and grow. Next summer there wil be warmer days and lots of berries for picking. See you there?


Maria said...

No wonder I like pumpkin pie so much! Who's excited for fall?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You and pumpkin pie go way back! A lifelong love! And, you know, I'm ALWAYS excited for fall. What should we do??