Thursday, December 15, 2005

Okay. If I am going to "blah, blah, blah" and express every other emotional spark that crosses my threshold, then I guess I'd better be prepared to explain myself.

1. I am not depressed. I do get severely bummed, but in an explicable, non-chemical-imbalance kind of way.

2. I agree, Chickenblog should not be my public forum for all my dirty laundry and unseemly thoughts voiced aloud.

3. I disagree. Chickenblog is a perfectly suitable place for me to let it all hang out... we all need an outlet for our issues and stresses... for some it's coffee, then gin, or coffee and gin, for some it's running, shopping, manicures, or online poker, the perfect lipstick, yoga... Writing about my fears and disappointments, worries, wrinkles, gray hairs, backed-up sinks, and other daily grime is a means of managing reality, and it never overrides the predominate feeling of awe, wonder, gratitude and amusement I feel about my life.

4. Darn. I don't have a fourth point, but I really felt like I was on a role, and having a fourth point seemed like the best way to make my insights legitimate.

5. My mom made a point... next time I feel slighted I need to address the issue head on, so I don't let it fester (my words, not hers) and stagnate and spill-over and make me feel pitiful and small and unworthy and confused... something like that.

6. William just told me there will be a sequel to Elf. Elf 2! 2007! See? Life is a balance. And now, even though Maria has a mystery rash, El Nopalito burned down and I still haven't found the nerve to call Bob the landlord, I feel happy, optimistic, hopeful, encouraged.

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