Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another round of archive updating, so now there are only two years left. The Maria/Papaya pregnancy is covered under the label Expectant. I realize that some events are so life altering that there is a distinct Before and After mind shift; it's made me want to somehow distinguish Life and Details before Maria arrived from our complete family of today. I would also like to create a sidebar menu for all the different labels. In spite of my wish to keep it simple, I have created a lot of headings, including: El Rancho, and Oregon.

Max has joined me on the cootie wagon. We are both pretty miserable. We cough. We ache.

This was the big 4 day weekend we were all looking forward to and I feel so bummed about not being able to play. Alex's report card came Thursday and he has improved in every subject. He has all A's and one B (for Tae-kwon Do) His citizenship and effort scores were all excellent . This boy deserves a weekend full of adventure, escape and fun. We should be out chasing Chinese dragons and feasting on New Year egg rolls. We could have camped in the mountains... sigh. We will recover and we will compensate.

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