Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good morning. Geoff left for work very early, like 6 or something. The children are up. They played with Maria at making railways for the wooden trains. Now they are playing a video game and hinting about breakfast. Alex suggests something "fabulous."

I was up by 7:20 and I updated even more archives. I am through last July, which means I am nearly done. I have to read or skim each entry to recognize what labels fit best. Again, I don't want too many labels, but I think I need to add more. For instance it may be appropriate to create a separate label for every time I fantasize about my Terry Gross interview. I think I could also could create an entire file of *Maxims, * from my Aspercosious and witty son. Another category could be for all the times I have groveled for feedback and comments; I think a "Pitiful" label would suffice. I like the Talent label. It's kind of broad and I look forward to browsing through all the submissions.

Max and I are still coughing, but the sun is shining and I feel like busting out of here. Reading archives has me feeling melancholy, and all the reflecting on the last few years … I don’t know what to say, but it has me thinking. I’m hoping fresh air or a different view will shake me up, clear my head, give me a new perspective.

Guess what? The house is a mess, the car’s “Fix Me” light is flashing, Geoff has to work all weekend, the backyard is flooded, and Maria cracked eggs on the carpet.

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cristina thornburg photography said...

Mmmm...we love "fabulous" breakfast. Do you guys ever have a "Dutch Puffed Pancake?" aka. puffy pancake, dutch baby, etc.? Yummy, and super easy! Our favorite is with fresh strawberries in season and whipped cream. This mama is gonna "try her hand" at a homeade peach syrup this week. (Got a new kitchen toy, er, I mean "tool!")