Monday, February 19, 2007

"Rain, rain. Down, down," that's how Maria says it. Outside the yard is nearly flooded and the rain is still coming down, down.
Maria says, "N-Q" when I serve her juice or when she leaves the table. She's finished her breakfast and saying, "N-Q Nannie" to me as she takes her cup to the sink. If she wants to pass and you are in her way, listen for her to say "Me, me pease. Ee-me peese," and by this she means "excuse me please." "Top it, top it" means "stop it," and "There you go" means you've satisfied her request. "Come on, go-go" is her way of inviting any one to join her in fun, and if the fun is dancing she will say, "Dan, dan," and "Ninging" for singing.
pretty, pretty
cute, cute
night, night
guy, guy
'ee you later


cristina thornburg photography said...

I love it! Our little ones are so sweet and yet I forget quickly all the things they say if I don't write them down! I'm glad you are!

Natalie said...

*Write* you are ;-)
I know I've lost a lot of good memories from what I did not write down. It's so great to come across anecdotes and phrases from my children. I have to remember to keep writing.