Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Geoff set up Instant Messaging on our computers. Some of you are yawning, because IM is so last millennia. Chained to his cubicle, Geoff is not free to speak openly about how much he misses my sweet voice and home cookin'. With IM we can type our love songs and poetry, unheard, and instantly reach each other. We pretend to know all the shorthand, like lol (laugh out loud,) k (okay) and wdyltphsintctd? (where did you leave the philips head screwdriver, I need it to clear the drain?) Time and space are no obstacle to our love. And now our deep thoughts and other musings have a new outlet:

chickenblog: Maria smells cheesy
Geoff: bath time!
chickenblog: but you like cheeze
Geoff: yes, i do
chickenblog: I want to have a wonderful day and welcome magic
Geoff: have you been reading "the secret" again?
chickenblog: no, bob dylan... is there a difference?
Geoff: I'd trust Bob more.
chickenblog: true, like a rollin' stone.
Geoff: true


cristina thornburg photography said...

what IM do you use? I just started mine up again!

Natalie said...

AOL? I'll email you.