Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Earth Day.

Alex recruited us as volunteers to clear a nature trail at school. We are due at 9 a.m., with gloves, and rakes. I have heard that we aren't so much as clearing a trial as making one out of the wilderness. This should be interesting. I plan to bring a bee sting first aid arsenal.

I wish we were in a different physical/emotional state for today's venture. Maria ran a fever all night. She is congested, restless and clingy. Geoff is sick and he spent the night migrating back and forth from the bed to the sofa, and reporting to me the varying stages of his numerous ailments. I don't know if I slept. I must have passed out numerous times, because I definitely woke up numerous times. Even in my sleep, I was dreaming of curing the sick, feeding the hungry and other surreal scenarios.

Now Geoff is going to stay home and watch the two young ones, while I go and clear brush, remove branches and avoid rattlesnakes, Africanized bees, yellow-jackets, hornets and poison oak. It's not that I am fearful or wimpy, it's just that it is Spring and we are marching off the beaten path and in to a lagoon, after a recent rainfall. Okay maybe it's part wimpy, part sensible caution, and part really, really wanting to stay in my pajamas and fall asleep.

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