Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet Peas

Garybob was here. Yesterday an insistent knocking shook me from my happy place, and who should I find at the door, but our landlord. He wants to pull weeds today. Here. He came yesterday, without advanced warning to walk around the yard and count the weeds he will pick today. Sitting here in the fishbowl, I cringed realizing that there are things in the yard that may appear unseemly. Oh, it's a little thing sort of. He said he'd never come without 24 hours notice, and when he does come it makes me feel anxious and exposed and small. I'm sure if I had my act together it wouldn't matter, right? I'm just not the kind of woman who has her act together.

We were dragging ourselves to the finish line this week, with the game deadline coming up. Geoff's schedule has been horrible and we have been doing our best to juggle the rest, including a month of colds. We are also in the middle of a huge dispute with the propane company; they will not stop charging us for the propane service at Woodwind. It's a sickening mess that would seem simple enough to resolve, but it just keeps getting worse. Do you know what can sometimes happen with deadlines? Deadlines can be extended. Geoff learned Friday, that our finish line is not here after all, but a month away. Another month of 18 hour work days, six days a week and a few more hours on Sundays. I am sad.

I got up early and Geoff helped me get things in order in the yard. There was nothing ridiculous out there, just odds and ends and the little things that can get neglected when life is full. It looks great now, and we had fun playing with Maria while we swept and sorted. Geoff dragged my butt, and William's too, for an invigorating walk. We were making the walks a regular habit until I got too sick and Max and/or Alex were home sick too. So now we are trying to get back to our routine. We were about to leave as Gary arrived with his helper to pull weeds. I can't believe I wasn't fast enough to point out the viola seedlings I planted; they were already raked up by their roots. I took a deep breath and remained calm, and I was happy that at least yesterday I pointed out my sweet pea vines which have already begun to twine and flourish. We came back from the walk a few minutes ago. I enjoyed, wistfully, seeing all the spring flowers planted in people's yards. There were a lot of snapdragons and watsonia, some early roses, and pretty petunias. I want a garden. Gary and his helper are gone, and so are my sweet peas. All pulled up and gone.

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