Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I would like to be just like Benjamin, slip into a cozy den, or chicken coop in his case, and chill. He's relaxed. He has no stress, no worries, no hurries. I'm not even sure how he wedged his furry booty into such a snug box.

Supposedly we are going on a relaxing, but quick, restful, but completely unplanned vacation. We leave tomorrow? Good grief. Someone had better find a cat sitter, clean-up a bit, finish the laundry, hose out the car, then pack. Oh, and we might want to actually decide where we are going and then quick! make reservations. Families with four children cannot afford to just "see what happens;" trust me, I know. Also, before leaving the city, I have to pay the rent (must not forget, must not forget) and drop off photo discs for the yearbook. Was there anything else? Piano lesson, get garbage and recycling to curb...

Sorry... this is so not interesting... making my list of things to do makes for a pitiful post.

I have taken a lot of pictures for the yearbook and I am a bit overwhelmed by the task of organizing all of them, particularly identifying each student; it's not the sort of thing I want to get wrong. I would feel really bad if I called any student by the wrong name and it got printed that way in the yearbook. My other little project is coming along quite well. Can you keep a secret? I am making a memory gift for the boys' teachers. Again, I am anxious about making glaring mistakes, like leaving a student out or messing up on names... must leave plenty of time to edit, and proofread and repeat. The bigger, better files from the new camera are flogging my poor Mac. I hope she holds it all together until I am done.

We spent one last day with Jim and Ruth. They made it to Maria's dance class, and Jim caught some of Max's keyboard class. Overall, their stay was too short. There are 6 grandkids and they all have so much to share with grandma and grampa. Time does fly, and though we did squeeze in a lot, it still seems too soon for them to be leaving.

Oh, I guess I should get back to the list and of course to doing the things on the list. It really is hard work getting ready for a little rest and relaxation. We are long over due for a family vacation... especially Geoff. I hope I can post from wherever we go. I am looking forward to seeing new trees, more sky, funny billboards. I hope we find a little adventure and enjoy the pleasure of being together, playing and exploring.

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Tarie said...

Reading lists of things you have to do actually helps us readers get to know you better - because we get an idea of what your life is like. =) God bless your family trip/vacation! I hope you guys have lots and lots of fun. =)