Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy, busy. Fun, fun.

I want to post today, because I have plenty to share, but because there is so much going on I feel too scattered and flakey to sit down, focus and produce.

Went to a party for MNO,
so big, so fun, so full
of laughter, spirit, light.

Expecting return of
traveling in-laws,
waiting to hear news,
see what's next.

Planning our own
from work and school
and laundry, at home.

Downloading 347
photographs, memories,
sights and sounds,
like 80's music

Composing movies
in my head,
on my apple
and it consumes
my senses, neurons,

Cleaning, dieting,
mother, girlfriend,
busy me, riding the
suburban wave in
my American Dream.


Tarie said...

Hi! Whose birthday was it? Who/what is MNO? You, your family, and your blog are a light in MY life!!! That would be so much fun, hanging out together in the chicken farm. =) It's a huge family farm. We also have lots of cows and other animals, a river, and lots of trees: mango, coconut, guava, etc. Ya'll should come over!

Janece said...

Okay you two (Natalie & Tarie!) - are you just trying to make me green with jealousy? Sheesh! ;)

Natalie said...

Jealous? No way! You are more than welcome to play in our *Dream Vacation!* It goes something like this: We cruise to Hawaii, hang out there, then fly to Tarie's and she joins us on a grand tour, including her uncle's chicken farm... no wait, maybe Tarie should fly here and join us on the cruise... first one to win the lotto chooses the cruise, then we'll work out the rest of the details off-line, so we don't make anyone else jealous!