Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am apologizing to everyone that voted for me at the Blogger's Choice Award. I never should have asked people to register their names and personal information, because 1. It is a pain and 2. I am thinking it isn't such a legitimate game after all. I'm not saying they are purely disreputable, but I suspect at the very least they are purely commercial. I never believed that I was in the running for something truly prestigious, but I thought it was harmless fun that would give me an opportunity to play with the big kids, the beautiful people. Now I've read "A Dingo's got my Barbie," one guy's impression of the whole affair, and I am starting to think BCA is kind of bogus.

It would have to dawn on me in the middle of the night and keep me from falling back to sleep. I was especially convinced that the whole award program is one giant ad and promotion, when I considered that two complete strangers in India voted for me and hundreds of other blogs; like it's a full time job for them to sit down and randomly vote... hey! It is their job, and I think they are *farmers* for the award creator and sponsors.

I feel like such a slut, speaking metaphorically of course. I feel like a cheap date, drunk on the promise of recognition and exposure. I feel like Dorothy, at the end of Wizard of Oz...

Auntie Em: "What have you learned Dorothy?"

Me: "Oh, golly, I've learned that blogging is like high school and only a handful of people will ever be truly popular, and gee whiz, trying to buy your way in to fame and making a spectacle of yourself will only keep you up at night feeling naïve and lame. And, there's no place like anonymity, there's no place like anonymity, there's no place like anonymity... "

Look away. I'm so ashamed.

Okay, come back.
I want to share some more links with you. I'm done promoting myself, but I keep finding good stuff other places so I will promote: more art and goodness at "Joy Bucket." I am going to clear a place for my sewing machine and start making these darling flower, button things, which Maria will no doubt say are "cute, cute."

I also was really impressed with the talent and designs I found at "Ruby Crowned Kinglette. I love the blackbird.

One last crafty blog, and I am too sleepy/tired to even remember what I specifically saw at "Molly Chicken," but there's that word "chicken," so it must be good.

Finally, a Blog of Note, and an antidote, if I have overexposed you to knitting, quilting and chickens, I offer you "Female Science Professor," which is funny, intelligent, and less crafty than my usual offerings.


Tarie said...

No need to apologize. I was happy to be part of a more public, more official acknowledgment of your blog. =) Cause IT IS a great blog! =)

Tarie said...

By the way, do you ever use Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger? I was wondering if we could chat online sometime... And thank you very much for your interest in my brothers! They are the most important and best part of my life! I still live with my younger brothers JP and Brian (O-nii-chan lives in General Santos City in the South of the Philippines. He has his own place there. My mom lives with my oldest brother Han Han - in General Santos too. Dad's in LA, USA.) And JP, Brian, and I will probably continue living together until one of us gets married.

Natalie said...

Thank you Tarie. Your messages make such a sweet start to my day. I don't have any of those message services, but if ever I am in the Philippines, I am going to knock on your door. Then we'll go knock on your uncle's door, chase some chickens and then! Have a big plate of lechon manok!!

joybucket said...

Good post about the whole blog awards thing. Blogging taps deep into our High School selves. There are little cliques. There is that desire to sit at the popular table. I think most bloggers check stats and relish comments, hey, validation is what keeps us coming back to post more right? It's hard to just be who you are supposed to be without wondering what other people think. Gawd, this is a post in itself. I won't hog your comments section.

Anyhoo, thanks for linking to me and thinking my work is worth a look. I take it as a high compliment.

Natalie said...

You understand! Thanks for sharing your thoughts... and please, feel free to 'hog' the comments section. Feedback is part validation and part 'checks and balances,' so that I can know if I make sense or need a new view.

You are definitely link worthy, and I look forward to visiting your Joy Bucket again.